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Wednesday, September 01, 2004


Manhattan Project to Integrate Human-centric Information Production


Ontology referential base (Orb) basic Notational Paper (2003)


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Conjecture justifying a National Project


Shannon Smith

Legislative Assistant

Office of Senator Dick Durbin


Fax number (----)




Dr. Paul S. Prueitt

Cell 703-981-2676

Chantilly Virginia


Ms. Smith


First, it is agreed that the University of Illinois has several research groups that have been involved in preliminary work and that the National Project could be focused in Illinois.


Around fifty leading scientists can be immediately brought together to examine the Conjecture.




The statement of the Conjecture requires some background on BCNGroup based scientific discussion, and in the history of science and mathematics.However the following two pages may allow a simple communication as to why the National Project is feasible and what the consequences of such a project might be.


This note to Senator Durbinís office is posted into the BCNGroup Glass Bead Games


Communication to Senator Durbin's office