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Draft conference

Version: July 15, 2003


Knowledge Sharing Foundation


Government sponsors:

Industry Host:

Industry Sponsors:


Target Data:October 2003

Location: Cape Cod, near Peter Kuglerís house


(†† preliminary papers)


Proposed invitations to make presentations:


              Daniel Levine on biological neural networks architectures and the problem of functional differentiation of brain function involved in perception and cognition.

              Raymond Bradley on social network modeling and simulation

              Karl Pribram on perceptual encoding into emergent phase coherent electromagnetic fields

              Robert Shaw on perceptual physics and intentional affordances

              Lev Goldfarb on induction of non-Hilbert space perceptual encoding

              Peter Kugler on the perceptual measurement problem

              Michel Biezunski and Steven Newcomb (the topic map paradigm as non-addressable abstraction)

              Paul Prueitt on categoricalAbstraction and eventChemistry

              Stephen Kercel on Hyper sets

              John Sowa on cognitive graphs

              Doug Lenat on Cyc upper ontology and micro-theory

              Art Murray on descriptive enumeration and knowledge flows



Technical sessions on products



Technical sessions on function. 



Ontology-based Application areas