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Thursday, October 21, 2004



Memetic science and technology bead threadŗ


Mapping the expression of social symbols ŗ


Memetic expression and Orb measurement



Communication from Julio Varela,

Humanities Scholar at Miami Dade College


I'm glad we spoke today and am eager to learn more about your work and that of your group with respect to memetic ontology.


I've been looking at the different "beads" and have read: "Stratification Theory and the Anticipatory Web Technology" and "Tutorial: On the Nature of a new Memetic Technology based on Categorical Abstraction and Event Chemistry."


Truth be told, as a humanities scholar examining the spread of "nihilism" and "chaos" in 19th and 20th century Western intellectual circles, I have no substantive background when it comes to things like genetic algorithms and Hilbert space.†† I appreciate your help with this.


I'm attaching a short synopsis of the main thrust of my dissertation.


The reading of this synopsis may spark some ideas.††



Comment from the founding committee


First, we would like to welcome a new scholar to the inner circle of the BCNGroup Glass Bead Game.The description of the three concentric circles of the Bead Game are given from the three links at the bottom of a introduction page { *** }.


The concepts that you have expressed in the PhD thesis are salient to an important theme in the beads.This theme has to do with the National Projectís objective to create a K-12 curriculum supporting a wide public dissemination of the foundations of the knowledge sciences.