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The Glass Bead Games

Online Glass Bead Game Development Project

The BCNGroup has begun development of a more dynamic, easier to use, and automatic bead game system for use over the internet. This system will allow for changes in how the games are played.  An interactive and dynamic set of games to be produced for all BCNGroup members.

Glass Bead Game Overview

The glass bead games (GBG) are designed around those concepts laid out by Hermann Hesse in The Glass Bead Game.

The game is played with concepts as the pieces, and the mind as the playing board. Each concept or idea is played into the game as a "bead." Subsequent beads are played into the game along a common game topic (i.e. artificial intelligence, or the Aristotle). The players of the game then connect each of these beads to each other, where the links between the beads are conceptual similarities or observed congruencies between the two beads.

Beads are added and removed throughout the game until finally all beads are connected and the beadmaster (Magister Ludi, the moderator of the game) declares the game completed.

The completed game can then represent a significant body of knowledge over the game's topic. This knowledge can then be translated into curriculum for that topic. This can then be used to allow others to learn about that topic on their own free will, or with the help of a teacher whom can assist them to navigate through the game.

Thus a forum of free expression, knowledge sharing, and curriculum creation is established to the betterment of the entire BCNGroup community.

A number of documents currently exist which outline the general GBG design and game play.

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