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BCN Membership Program


Membership within the BCN Group is opened to anyone interested in developing a new type of scientific research organization consistent with the goals and objectives presented in the BCN Group Charter Document.

Please Note:

  • The 1st one thousand (1,000) members to sign up will be considered Charter BCN Group members. Charter members will be afforded special membership options.

Who Should Join

The only requirement needed to join the BCN Group is an inquisitive nature. We are exploring the world, deftly seeking answers to important questions and we seek others who feel the same way. In order for the foundation to be solid the BCN Group envisions a membership comprising a wide variety of backgrounds, from software engineers to physicists to behavioral psychologists to everyone. The only requirement is natural curiosity and the time to explore ideas.


There are five tiers of membership available:

  1. Professional/academic - $75
  2. Student - $35
  3. Lifetime - $1,000
  4. Perpetuity $2,000
  5. Corporate - $5,000

The lifetime membership lasts the lifetime of the member, the perpetuity membership can be passed down to the next generation and beyond.

Benefits of BCN Membership

Above all else, members enjoy the benefit of becoming part of a rewarding endeavor which will ultimately become the foundation for future generations of science and thought. Through your participation, the world can be a better place for our all future generations.

This is a benefit which is intangible, yet the most rewarding and significant of all.

Members joining the BCN Group will also enjoy the following benefits:

  1. BCN Group Quarterly Newsletter
  2. BCNGroup Members access to Community Forums
  3. Permanent invitation to play in the Bead Games
  4. Conferences
  • Online conferencing with meditated knowledge management and distance learning
  • Corporate mediated knowledge management projects
  • Annual conferences
  1. Knowledge management technology and implementation consulting
  2. Access to the virtual mentoring program
  3. Access to full text papers
  4. Access to scientific and esoteric forums
  5. Distance learning curriculum and accreditation for curriculum learned (via association with a Virtual University) Future Benefit
  6. Focused assistance on Masters and PhD thesis with mediated advice from BCN Group Scholars Future Benefit
  7. Masters and PhD degree granting - Future Benefit

Where do you fit in the history books? Make history, make a difference. Join BCN Group today.

Organization Structure

An organization is only as strong as its membership base. In order for the Group to thrive and evolve individuals are needed to assist in the development of the membership program. The Group anticipates the need for area managers to lead group discussions, membership drives and research in focused areas.

Area mangers will be responsible for cultivating new membership and strategies for utilizing the membership base toward a common goal. The position’s of Area Manger are open and are compensated, please email the Director of Membership for more information about the roles and responsibilities of Area Mangers.

To sign up proceed to the Applicatiopn Page:

Membership Application


Mailing address for the BCN Group Membership Drive is:

Nathan Einwechter
Director of Membership
PO Box 86
Kirkton, Ontario
N0K 1K0