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“The Hills of Virginia”

One of the over 6,000 Pruitt original oil paintings

(“The Hills of Virginia” is available now in Ink Jet Print on canvas or paper)



The enumeration of threads of thought related to the Taos Discussion is expressed in the hyperlinks rooted in topics.  Each of these topics describes a part of the extensive social/scientific/educational processes that the BCNGroup Foundation has been engaged in. 


A digital Glass Bead Game (d-GBG) thread will record the discussions of founding members regarding anticipatory design of building interiors and micro-farm closed ecosystem production of nutraceuticals, and other Hydrogen Age production facilities.  These concepts exist already in the second d-GBG games; played in 1999-2005.


The Taos Discussion follows this tradition of the d-GBG, as we the founders work to understand what we are suppose to be doing.   


Feel free to call, Dr Paul Stephen Prueitt at 703 * 981 2376

or send email to “psp @ ontologystream.com”