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3/30/2004 7:53 AM


America’s Rural Safe Net



Note from http://www.DemocracyForAmerica.com blog



Hello Dr. Prueitt.


I read your post on the Democracy For America blog and was very intrigued by it. "The Glass Bead Game" is one of my favorite books. Your thesis, "Technological Innovation as an Evolutionary Process," is a very important one, and one that fits in well with Gov. Dean's campaign, past and present.


I was wondering if you knew of any books I could read to help me comprehend your thesis more fully.  I am what many call an "educated layperson" (I have a B.A. and M.A. in Classical Languages) - so, scholarly books don't frighten me, but scientifically-intensive ones might be beyond my comprehension. Any advice you can give would be greatly appreciated.


Also, has anyone from the campaign contacted you about your offer? I hope they have. If not, let me know and I (and many others) will lobby on your behalf. Your expertise is much too valuable to be ignored.


Thank you for posting - see you on the blog! :)


David ("David W." on the blog)







I live in Northern Virginia.


My daughter Catherine worked for Senator Kerry as a high school senior for a summer.  We were initially very much for Governor Dean, but now feel that John Kerry and the new democrats will help the world make the necessary changes towards sustainability and fairness.


The glass bead game concept can be advanced on top of the blog phenomenon to create a many to many communication system where the social discourse is represented as patterns of co-occurring words in the form of icons that look like the pictures in the many tutorials I have developed




see figure 10. 


The underlying technology is Open Source Information, which means that it has been made public domain (by me) rather than patenting it and then obscuring what it is so that no one will innovate on it.


This is a complex discussion.   However, our point regarding the hijacking of information science, by decades of poor military funding decisions for what is called artificial intelligence, is shameful in that one of the many harms this has done is to make average people feel unable to understand the natural world.  My discussions with the CIA venture capital finding mechanism, called In-Q-Tel on this matter is going positively








However, the force of economic interests and just plain poor science is very strong within our intelligence community.  We have conjectured that the economic interest of DoD contractors, who now determine DARPA and NIST funding, and the poor science that is consistent with economic fundamentalism is responsible for the failures in intelligence.




This is a long-term problem having built up over decades.


Can the Kerry campaign or the Dean organization fund a "knowledge science" conference and make the National Project to Establish the Knowledge Sciences as part of the political debate?  A National Project to create K-12 and college curriculum for the knowledge sciences may be the most important National Project that one can possibly imagine.  


The price tag is estimated to be $60,000,000; to be spent over two years.  This funding will cause also a Knowledge Sharing Foundation to be created that will fund, in perpetuity perhaps 40 university chairs in the Knowledge Sciences.


The Office of Secretary of Defense (Dr. David Alberts) was going to fund the conference as outlined at:




but this idea was personally inhibited by the DoD consultants that control all of the funding nowadays in regards to intelligence technology development:






One more thing. 


A group of micro - farming and pharmaceutical farming advocates has develop a complement to a national biodefense system that would be used for agrarian re-newal in rural areas.  






and a second group is talking about a Knowledge Technology Toolkit for Kids (K-12) that uses Open Source software completely so as to allow distance learning and sharing of music within an advertisement free private virtual operating system. 


The small group of scientists and scholars, and their students, can create a very large Glass Bead Game from the blogs of those who would see our Nation return to democratic principles.  I will write about the technical details on how this will work in the next bead [25] .



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