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2/21/2004 9:57 AM


The Knowledge Sharing Core

Data regularity in context and privacy issues



I will be attending the Technology Forum on Thursday




I have attending a number of the previous Forums sponsored by the Council on Competitiveness and have found this to be an means to communicate with Congressional staff and with one or two of the senators.


Developing the language to match the National interest is important to an Indiana Rural Safe Net Initiative.  I ask that you look over the materials at the link above and the pdf below.




Would a Rural Safe Net Initiative meet needs that are being discussed at the National level.  If so, can funding be found?  We need to work with a lobby.  Perhaps not to influence the Indiana Project, as this may already be set up - one only has to wait and nurture.  


Some time one needs to not work to make the next step, and allow the local community to decide IF there will be a local commitment.


Antoinette and Bill, Thank you for participation in the meeting today with Commissioner Joe Pearson.  Mr. Pearson may be able to pull together action items at the state level and also at the national level.  This action may be quick or it may take a long time.  But a positive process has started and can be left to develop in its own time.  The lines of influence between him and the Southern Indiana Rural Development Project have been in place for some time.  Our relationships in Scott County bring the local, state and federal levels of social organization into a single framework. 




This week I will identify a lobby group to align a National awareness to what we hope to be an increased show of interest about the National Project on Knowledge Science. 


This work will be intense, as I have made a commitment to deepen myself on regulatory language.  The focus of this work is privacy and informational security using citizen centric principles that have been foundational to Susan Turnbull's GSA Collaboration Workshops and the advanced technology that is known by my community of scientists. 


On the SafeNet project, I am concerned that the efforts at the local level will not fully appreciate the layers of national political, federal regulatory and technical details that have been worked out even to outline a full process such as the one suggested in the four phases.


My hope is that others will take this task from me as I see myself as having diminished interests and ability to participate.  Of course I will serve roles that come up, but I do not regard the ball as being in my court.


I recognize the great effort that others have made. 


A path has been established and others can move the Indiana Safe Net concept forward or not depending on what the future allows.


I am looking for a new path, and perhaps one that take a new direction. Looking at some of the industry booths at the Renaissance Hotel this morning, I developed some new thoughts about data regularity in context and the state of the privacy technology.


The positive path is a good one:




but also there is the reality check that the national failures in intelligence production points to:




I cannot see how to walk the positive path without supplying the understanding as to why this path was not taken long ago.  Some will continue to criticize me about this.  But I just do not see that a compromise is necessary.





It takes a Community to Create a National Project