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2/21/2004 9:42 AM


The Knowledge Sharing Core

conceptual role-up paradigm and blogs


We conjecture that the aggregation of content requires reification related to thematic structure and various (relative judgments about truth).  Otherwise the shift from e-forums to blogs is not "complete". 


Using very simple conceptual roll-up mechanisms, the aggregation of Online content can be indexed by co-occurrence of words within sentences.




and in this way create a simple flexible Upper Structural Taxonomy over word co-occurrence patterns. 


We call the newly emerging market space AC-IT compared with the current generation DC-IT.




If we push back on the notion that a computer can understand and provide meaning to these patterns, then we fall into the paradigm of HIP (Human Information Production)




Our comments are not about how to make money on this, or as a way to sell anything.  We recognize that there is a difference between the science and the business processes.  


Our comments are merely the expression of what is seen by a group of knowledge scientists.




We would to know who in the forum is interested in talking about HIP and the knowledge sciences.


If there is someone who is personal fortunate to have investment funds, we have created an investment template to bring the knowledge technologies into a new business ecosystem.  We recognize that this new business ecosystem cannot be the type of shallow capitalism that has controlled the DC-IT marketplace.





It takes a Community to Create a National Project