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2/18/2004 8:38 AM


Scott County Safe-Net

wireless read ware and conceptual role-up paradigm


Communication to BCNGroup Board



Readware Inc has seen the conceptual role-up paradigm expressed very well in short over-views.




However, the underlying encoding of content is treated as if there is no problem in capturing the semantic structure that potentially develops as mental awareness when reading text.  The quality of the Readware software is not an issue.  The issue is that the advertising and marketing requirement constrains how read ware technology is presented and developed. 


Our understanding of the cognitive neuroscience, leads us to suggest that the use of the HIP paradigm




is necessary to create alternating current IT.  In the AC-IT paradigm action perception cycles work within a knowledge operating system (KOS) to produce the two sides of the Semantic Web (human and machine)




The NdCore system developed by Applied Technical Systems




has inspired the development of a notational system




that separates structural co-variation in occurrence pattern in text from ANY claim that formal systems can completely represent the experience of human knowledge




The opportunity now to express read ware with conceptual role-up into a WAP protocol (which is essentially simple HTML) with a simple scripting language so that the Indiana Safe-Net concept can be demonstrated over the next two months.





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