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2/21/2004 2:57 PM


The Knowledge Sharing Core

Rural America Safe Net "beadgame"



the beads




are developed using simple HTML as a way to reflect at least part of the complex set of discussion themes that are involved in developing the processes leading to the National Project establishing the knowledge sciences.


At one point, we have set this up so that a thematic view over the word co-occurrence can be updated on a daily basis and a visual interface developed that allows readers to access the subject matter via the Orbs.




The ninth "bead" of the Rural America Safe Net "beadgame" is a reflection of where we think we are.  This bead leaves out discussion about a lot of the constraints that press on us; and we leave out the discussion of the science and formal systems.  On occasion other beads address the constraints or address the science and formal systems.


I have been this morning working on gathering detailed histories and information about insulin based molecular farming (pharmaceutical framing) with the objective of putting together a white paper on high yield insulin framing and ethanol production might work into the Safe Net discussion. 


The complexity of the Safe Net project is real.  Not figuring in something that could affect the outcomes via a negative influence may have exactly the same affect as not having invested the time and effort in the first place.  So, for example someone has to work out the detail about what might be best proposed as possible new farming activities.


Outcomes may be zero for the effort expended - and so creating a precise understanding of how to propose and what to propose requires some top down templates.  This effort is expended to impose top down control in a way that is in resonance with the emerging anticipations from the AIC workshops. 


If the objective is to have a meeting where everyone feels good but everyone has also agreed that economic power is not behind an action agenda, then it is only a nice meeting.


So, do you not agree that there is both the bottom up process involved in forming the appreciative field and understanding the lines of influence; as well as a top down process where science and politics work together to make economic development and educational development a reality?


A specific proposal is on the table.  Well, the first proposal was for a City funded design workshop next weekend, and we see now that this will not happen in this way.  Now we have the next step as a Phase I program that is planned to last three months and starts when ever it starts. 


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