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Tuesday, August 24, 2004


Renewal Access Point (RAP) Center concept




We are redeveloping some of the BCNGroup glass beads that have been about educational renewal. Hopefully, with your help, our small group may find the simplest and most powerful way to express what has been talked about.


We may make a new focus of edits consistent with Human-centric Information Production (HIP), and in this way describe a set of specific reasons why the Hispanic culture is naturally aligned with HIP.


In the NationalDebate bead thread: [55] [56] [57] [58]


The alignment, between HIP philosophy and Hispanic/Native-American philosophy is "in the pragmatic axis" and is deeply rooted in the way that Hispanic community members talk.


In fact, the use of the new Readware Provenance (TM) software to map Hispanic social expression as written in specific weblogs that are used by members of this community. This source of textual expression might serve as a means to objectively speak about the value that Hispanic/Native-American community will make to the American way of life, in the coming decades. This source can be compared with others from other communities, as a means to celebrate the diversity of our American culture.


A preliminary investigation shows, clearly, that the provenance mapping of cultural expressions used in the Hispanic community have significant variations from the cultural expressions in the mainstream, majority, community. Hispanic cultural greetings, for example, are rooted in linguistic expression quite different than cultural greetings that one sees in the mainstream television.


We know this intuitively, but an objective measurement of patterns of "substructural linguistic variation" using the Readware substructural, or letter, semantics would be important to young kids in these two communities.


(The technical discussions of Readware substructural or letter semantics are at [55].)


Showing the cultural value of these expressions might be particularly important in the Native American community where many children as still taught that the Native American traditions should be rejected as inferior.


BCNGroup scientists have come to a common understanding that a pragmatic root is missing in the mainstream society, and is why such things like Artificial Intelligence and scientific reductionism has been so hard to displace.


I envision a Renewal Access Point (RAP) Center as a for profit Academe in a building next to each major university that does NOT develop a full remediation program consistent with the conjectured Acquired Learning Disability in mathematics and science.


Thank you again for including me in your thoughts.