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Tuesday, August 24, 2004



Organization of the mathematics education community

to support acquired learning disability theory


(posted subject to edited if there is objection)

8/25/2004 5:56 PM



Professor Mark Spikell

Mathematics Education

George Mason University



I invite you to virtual discussions that might be set up between now and Nov 1st. 


I am ccing one of my colleagues, Dr. Gregg Turner at New Mexico Highland University.  We have not formalized any organization, but perhaps it is time to create a professional organization dedicated to a deep renewal in mathematics and computer science curricula and pedagogy. I am appreciative of Dr Turner's clear thinking about these issues.  


I am also, asking Dr. Rita Colwell, former Director of NSF, to make her interests, positive or neutral, known in regards to the discussions that have occurred in the past few years regarding the power of computer science at NSF.  Program manager of neuro-engineering, and a friend of mine, Dr. Paul Werbos may wish to make a statement, while recognizing that the position taken by Penrose is not universally appreciated by engineers. My position on the relationship between cognition and computation is discussed at:




What I am hoping to do is to establish a virtual communication with around a dozen professors of mathematics education, who are willing to help test the Acquired Learning Disability theory and the specific remediation intrusion that I have developed over the past decade.




The bead threads at:




is one way to create a record of the discussions.  But one has to also be aware that we are dealing with issues that do not get public vetting very often and which are highly complex and entangled with complex entailments.  So these beads are often edited and reedited to make sure that only positive concepts remain for the long term record.


I will be adding one or two new beads on the case for educational renewal at bead 5 and 6 in the "renewal" thread.  I hope you will find time to contribute when you return from your trip.  Meanwhile I will meet with Mathematics Education Professor Moyer at GMU next week when her schedule allows.  I expect to meet also with Information Technology Dean Nash. 


Our phone discussion of today was instructive to me in the sense that I see you appreciative of the effects of our current reward system on mathematics education in particular.  This is part of the general systems analysis that I also have come to appreciate.


Note that the current argument for a National Project to establish the knowledge sciences would address the inequalities between computer science and mathematics education. 




I introduce myself with the two documents in the Internet folder:





The theory of Acquired Learning Disability is presented at:




Dr. Paul Stephen Prueitt