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2/15/2004 1:43 PM


Second communication regarding the

Macromedia Presentation on Core Systems







<edited comment from your note to me>

The best way that I can help your community is to focus all my energy on obtaining large-scale industry buy-in to support the CoreSystem infrastructure. Everything else is just talk. With this condition, cultivating your contacts would have to demonstrate that their influence would make a material impact on senior management of the industrial companies that I am engaging with at this time to act decisively.



Professor Bill Smith and I are nurturing a process that needs also to create a material impact on our capability. 


Your work is very important to the cause as defined by our call for a National Project to Establish the Knowledge Sciences as an Academic Discipline.  Your personal sacrifice over the past 18 years will be written about in the history of how modern society evolved after the invention of the computer in the 1940s, of this I am sure.


Acting decisively is exactly what we are doing, in our meetings in Washington DC and in Indiana.  The presentations are attempting to build lines of influence and to support the first AIC (appreciation, influence, control) workshop. 


We are looking to find whether or not these rural communities can express a willingness to effect change - if a new Internet Infrastructure is provided as part of a National Project related to bioterrorism preparedness


Our model suggests that the transition into the IT-AC technologies will occur "all at once".  When this transaction occurs I conjecture that core system will be finally fully funded in a partnership with one of the IT Corporations.


I am convinced that Core System will lead the economic transition, since your work is mature and so far beyond mere productizing and theory. 


Could the next round of funding come from the BCNGroup proposed National Project


Professor Smith has developed some extensive theoretical comments about the presentation on Core System and is willing to talk about these comments in all of the future AIC meeting where we find national leadership willing to listen and look.