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ORB Visualization




2/16/2004 11:13 AM


Indiana Safe-Net

Monday morning summary



Part A Technology Innovations

Part B: Rural development form the introduction of new Industry

Part C: The use of the AIC Process Development Methodology

Part D: Distance learning in science, computer science and social science




Part A: Technology Innovations



Right now the greatest activity is about how to proceed on the Indiana Safe-Net concept. 




Over the past month, Don Mitchell and I have explored a great range of possibilities. 


"We" are a group of social scientists and technologists.  We are proposing two workshops and the use of Healthy Communities assessment instruments to explore with the residents of rural counties the possibilities that present themselves.


Professor Bill Smith and I are in discussions about acquiring some initial assessment instruments used by the Global Healthy Community Initiative for use in assessing the possibilities.  This county level assessment would produce a report similar to National Assessment reports produced by the World Economic Forum (example at:)




An assessment profile will be used to communication opportunities for grow and economic rewards through participation with county residents.


Don Mitchell and I are developing some extensions to the OntologyStream patent pending Orb technology






The integration of Orbs with the jointly owned, by Don Mitchell and Paul Prueitt, SLIP browsers:




can be immediately marketed to Army Intelligence as a replacement for already deployed and yet inferior ATS conceptual roll-up technology, NdCore ™, and as a replacement for the SAIC latent semantic technology




Don is working on a business plan that might fund the development of a Groove collaborative space API to Visual Basic integration of SLIP and Orb technology.  The integrated product can be sold as an InOrb Technologies (www.InOrb.com) product.  Beyond this integration Don has a control language for complex manipulation of Orb constructions using a simple syntax composing the “verbs” of the Knowledge Operating System (KOS ™) develop by Don Mitchell in 2002. 


The KOS will use a number of technologies, which I will list here by name.


{ I-RIBs, Orbs, SLIP, Matrix32 control encoding }


·            SLIP is based on categoricalAbstraction (cA) and is public domain (made so by Paul Prueitt).

·            Orbs are still patentable but no patent has as yet been filed (Orbs where invented in November 2003)

·            I-RIBs may technically infringe on the Primentia Patent (2003), however work that Paul Prueitt has done can be seen to be a novel innovation that by-passes the innovation claims of the Primentia patent (called the Hilbert engine)

·            Matrx32 is a patentable technical solution, owned by Don Mitchell, for encoding event structure into I-RIBs and Orbs.


Part B: Rural development from the introduction of new Industry


Solid sustainable cultural transformation must depend on economic development.  Economic development in Scott County has occurred under the leadership of Mayor Bill Graham.  Fourteen new manufacturing companies have been brought into the county over the seventeen-year administration of the Mayor.  Our proposal is to develop the story of this economic development in such a fashion that the natural extensions of manufacturing and farming development can be expressed to those influential individuals who make decisions regarding the placement of new industries. 


Part C: The use of the AIC (Appreciation, Influence, Control) Process Development Methodology


Our efforts are made using a process development methodology discovered by Professor William Smith




Part D: Distance learning in science, computer science and social science


Paper on “A Question of Access”