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ORB Visualization




2/29/2004 3:31 PM


Americaís Rural Safe Net


Super Distribution and Knowledge Flow



Our point of view can be best expressed by making a distinction between commerce that is conducted in a healthy way and commerce that involves the types of coercion that the Justice department worries about in monopoly cases (such as the recent Justice action blocking of the planned merger between Oracle and People Soft).(see references from [*])


Not everyone is interested in supporting the notion of using the superDistribution for knowledge flow mapping within a closed communication system (a Virtual Private Network).But some are.


We have talked about this issue before, and about the issue of some stakeholders not understanding what we are talking about in theoretical work on categorical abstraction, event chemistry and stratified theory.


We work very hard to be as clear as possible.We feel that there is a paradigm that is simpler, more powerful and faster than the paradigm(s) that constrain the current uses of the computer.


The failure to understand is partially in not having as yet demonstrated the essence of the theory.We continue to work very hard to achieve this demonstrate.We have been close to creating some software that is very usable without training.SLIP technology is a bit further away from software that requires no training.But the Orb technology was operational, at least for a while (the computer needed to keep the technology working has a burnt power supply and we ran out of funds.)(see tutorial at [*] )The fact is that we have more than enough evidence that our work will be seen as something new, unexpected, simple, more powerful and requiring less resources.


The concept of the Safe Netís brilliance depends very much on how we address the social issues, and on the underlying technology.The technology is not as yet proven in the market, and the social issues are filled with difficulties.However, the difficulties are largely ones that when overcome lead to a healthier community.


It is our observation that the virtual private network aspect is an important aspect of the Safe Net.†† There is no sense of control imposed on social discourse.The Safe Net is not designed to carry ALL social discourse.


We make a note about our history.The Knowledge Sharing Foundation concepts are different from Dr. Brad Coxís concept of micro-transaction analysis for economic control.We will make this separation more precise in the future.We are mapping knowledge flow for the purpose of aiding in complex discussions between people about processes they are working on - such as a manufacturing process.


In particular the issue of knowledge flow will develop this week in discussion with Internet2 and CoreSystem.


The knowledge flow problem is similar to the measurement of biological processes in production facilities.The measurement itself is not negative or positive.


The measurement is useful in understanding what really is occurring.


If one has an environment were people are there for specific reasons such as distance learning, or organizational transformation; then it is thought important by some that a knowledge flow model to have a high resolution fidelity to what is actually going on.


We are not talking about measuring all human communication, but only having a measurement of the transactions within the Safe Net for the purpose of creating a transparency in THAT environment.


We are also advancing a technology that can be found useful in measuring and monitoring other complex processes.