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2/29/2004 10:07 AM


America’s Rural Safe Net





Commercial transactions can occur in the real world and on the Internet.  The notion of a Safe Net is a place where people can go and feel comfortable that they will not be imposed on by business processes.


In our concept, the Rural Safe Net is to be controlled by the local farming co-operative in much the same way as a boarding school is controlled by the school administration.  The Rural Safe Net does NOT replace the Internet.  The Internet and television can be used in any way society wishes without regard to the existence of a Safe Net.  The Safe Net is a safe net. 


There is absolutely nothing difficult to understand here.


Honest citizens are not in any way effected except in the sense that the transactional record (a record that there is a point to point transfer of data) is preserved. 


We simply want a safe place without our being controlled by some hidden commercial processes for their own benefit. 


Nothing more.


The Safe Net will present an opportunity for conducting any type of transaction, including those that are illegal.


IF a judge is presented with evidence that actual crimes are involved, then and only then, is it possible that the content of the transactions can be examined in a court of law.