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2/22/2004 9:30 AM


Rural America Safe Net

Bead games and the conduction of a chautauqua




We are wondering if you might look at the themes of a "glass bead game" where that is a current focus on the development of resilient rural communities in Indiana.


The beads are posted in chronological order, so going to the last bead (highest number) in each of the games will let you see where the group thought is at this point.


the home page is




If a chautauqua might be developed based on the development of the themes related to a return to healthy rural communities, then the social value to this project might be measured.



The previous post has been in the Rural America Safe Net, bead 12.




The planning process for rural Safe Net and Pharmaceutical Farming Initiative has developed form an organic development process methodology being discovered by Professor William Smith




We are coming to a place where formal virtual exploration of concept space (a chautauqua) will be supported.  Weaving into the bead games the conduction of a chautauqua would only make the tapestry more elegant and useful to the communities involved.


The nature of chautauqua is a search for something not known in advance.  As such, it is an exploration of possibilities.  The bead games allow some semiotic sign structure to indicate the subject matter produces as one or more people reflect on what their experiences are in relationship to this search.