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2/22/2004 9:30 AM


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Communication from Marc




Let me tell you of my short-range plans so that you might consider integrating them into the beadnecklace that I envision could evolve now that you brought up the possibility of coming to Tennessee.


I have reorganized my 501C(3).,the Tennessee Gasohol Commission so that it better serves the needs  as I see them  throughout the 2000's. 


The new organisation is registered as The EcoGenics Center For the Study Of Alternative Solutions and Environmental Stewardship. I plan on a new initiative called S.O.S,  Save Our Smokies.


As you know if you are a member of my yahoo groups "living off the grid" and" living off the grid2,"  I have announced that in April or May, (depending on the weather, I am going to start a movement here to remediate the pollution problem that plagues this bioregion.


The smoky mountain national park is the most visited park in the national system, because of the influx of more than eleven million visitors per year (which has been the case since the seventies) the pollution problem here is the amongst worst in the country ,there are a few activist groups here in Tennessee that have been aggressively perusing legislative action to try to stem the increase of the problem.


What has always distinguished us from the other groups is that we have taken proactive measures by actually building the necessary equipment needed to remediate and mitigate the problem. ie, our distillery which has been nationally recognised as" one of the finest examples of industrial ecology in the bioregion"


("what have we done", the foundation for global sustainability’s  state of the bio region report for the upper Tennessee valley and the southern Appalachian mountains (1996)


also recognised us as one of the first farm scale operational alcohol fuel plants in the united states according to the doe survey of operating alcohol fuel plants in the United States, also featured in many publications by DOE.


NACT and other agencies has established TGC and EcoGenics as a mover and shaker in the alternative energy and biotechnology theatre. Our closed loop ecosystems have been replicated across the United States and in various foreign countries.


All the facilities and the equipment featured in our website are operational and available for seminars and training programs. I have been relatively inactive in the public arena for about ten years, concentrating on projects of my own including the development of Wastelaka, a sustainable eco-community and also in the development of the Land trust concept around which we have built communities such as Narrow Ridge in Norris Tennessee.


Recently, I have decided that there are opportunities to make a substantial impact upon this area, therefore I am planning to hold a conference- demonstration program once the weather allows, for this I will reactivate the distillery perhaps making biofuels derived from waste vegetable oil in addition to ethanol, methane, and producer gas.


Having also various examples of alternative housing as well as alternative agriculture and aquaculture, all operational for hands on scrutiny. All this , here at the EcoGenics research facility with alternative fuelled vehicles running in the area.


As soon as all the paperwork is in place for the new 501C(3), I will be contracting the various  groups  and personalities such as Joshua Tickell of Veggievan fame and many others, and create an event here (possibly  an earth day celebration?) at that time, especially if we have a successful interface with your project  in Scott County.


Perhaps your resources may come into play and you can bring your people here to participate.  What resources would you have to offer for our consideration? Let me have you input and possible suggestions.