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Thursday, September 02, 2004


Manhattan Project to Integrate Human-centric Information Production



Stratified complexity and the origin of mental/social events, (Prueitt 2002)




Conjecture on Stratification


A discussion between information scientists


(this note still under editingas of 10:24 AM)




As the community of knowledge sciences emerges each of us must be very careful to say that we do not see much more than others.We have a place in history, and like those who have worked on these types of problems before us, we can see only so far as our cultural roots allow.


We others will step in and give the right language to talk about the conjecture on stratification.Timís and Benís comments have helped in this discussion.I am in particular pleased with Benís second comment on stratification [50]


I am NOT suggesting that the algebraic processor called LSI (latent semantic indexing) can do anything more than paint shadows that may be helpful in getting rough outlines of the periodic tables related to systems like the system of all human communication (what ever that is).


Readware does not use LSI, but in fact uses a hand coding processes that took two decades and considerable human work.But I am not suggesting that Readware is THE ONE either.However, the conjecture is not about a method for mapping social discourse, or the patent space, but about the absolute invariance of the substructural causes involved in human thought.The (2002) paper


Stratified complexity and the origin of mental/social events


addresses most of the core issues.


My sense is that Richard Ballard picked up on the need to have strong views and diversity of viewpoints within the community of knowledge scientists, and clearly you, Ben, are one of this community.So I have to point out that your message implies an understanding of what I propose which is not in line with what I propose.


N-grams are generalized considerably in both some real code I have done, and in my unpublished notation.


The remark, I made, about using LSI over all samples of language is impractical and involves the use of the "numerical model".I agree with Lev Goldfarb and others that this numerical model is not the proper one for natural systems that have complexity and emergence as part of their essence.


The proposal is for the development of a K-12 curriculum in the knowledge sciences as well as the establishment of the Knowledge Sharing Foundation.


Knowledge Sharing Foundation


Mapping the Intellectual Property that is relevant to the knowledge sciences, and making this map available, as a public resource will alter the way in which information scientists work and receive compensation.This change is economic foundations is necessary to free of society or the predatory behaviors of the software companies.The IP map may serve as the first example of a known substructural ontology that is casual in the formation and use of human knowledge, see discussion with the founder of M-CAM at bead [101] in the national debate bead thread.


Again, this is not about the software industry, it is about the National Security in a year where almost everyone understands that the Information technology that is so highly expensed is holding the nation back.