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Friday, September 17, 2004


Manhattan Project to Integrate Human-centric Information Production


Mapping the Patent Space


Delineating a general paradigm


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My sense is that your interaction with my group will help delineate a general paradigm. 


The NASA proposal, which has been turned down, may be what you are looking for in terms of additional reading specific to sense making about event structure for measurement processes.




Some additional notes are made at:




The Readware substructural ontology is as an illustration of the Conjecture on Stratification.




see also:




Framing the excellent performance of existing software with the Conjecture leads to a means to talk about a theory of deep structure for any complex system whose behaviors are supported far from thermodynamical equilibrium. 


In all cases, our funding problems stem (in part) from the novelty of our theoretical considerations; so the first barrier is in finding a means to communicate only what the client is wanting to hear.  In the groupthink that controls funding we must shy away from memetic triggers that sets the proposal aside. 


Beyond the communication problem, we also have a function / structure mismatch.  NASA provided no feedback in its letter informing me that there would be no action on our proposal.  But I knew that I was not part of the community that was being funding by NASA.  The problem was that they did not know me.


The ARDA proposal may be treated differentially, if our group can get the endorsements of people inside the government and can explain the history of our efforts at getting funding in a way that is non-threatening to the incumbents.