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Technology Collaboration


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4/3/2004 7:07 PM



We are proposing ”technology collaboration” where some of the best technologies are re-integrated by some of the best minds to produce a new generation of technologies within six months.  Under a proposed joint agreement, resulting new intellectual property will be claimed by the participants and assigned by scientific peer review.  Based on these assignments, new patents may be filed by the participants. 


BCNGroup Inc proposal to In-Q-Tel Inc (April 5th, 2004)



The next step is to develop a specific POA&M with a budget and deliverables


Duration 23 weeks. 


The work will need two programmers.  Average rate 35K for the 23 weeks.


Two programmers (full time 1099 contractors)      $70,000




Director                                                                   45,000

Scientific advise (outsourced)                                 40,000

Accounting (outsourced)                                         10,000

Legal  (outsourced)                                                  45,000

  Subtotal                                                             $140,000




Offices                                                                    18,000

Lease of computers                                                 10,000

Software                                                                   2,000

Lease of furniture                                                     2,000

Communications                                                      1,000

  Subtotal                                                               33,000


Travel and conferences


Beginning workshop                                              30,000

Travel                                                                       2,000

Ending workshop                                                   30,000

  Subtotal                                                                62,000


Each of the participating companies will need some compensation for time and resources.  However, this will be kept at under 20K per participating company.


Maximum of 5 companies. 


Total account for interacting with companies     100,000