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2/22/2004 9:30 AM


Memetic Science and Technology

Deep structure of event analysis


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Thematic analysis of social discourse is possible [1] and has been attempted by the J-39 project commissioned by NSC in 2002, and developed under the program management by LIWI in 2002 and 2003.  An extensive web harvest of Islamic social discourse is archived in an Oracle database under the control of Army intelligence.  None of this information is classified.


But here are the problems.


1:0  The development of a machine measurement of subject matter indicators is primitive. [2]


2.0:  The use of the thematic analysis that is properly instrumented is not made available to intelligence analysts in such a way as to allow them to modify the instrumentation and measurement mechanisms.  [3]


3.0:  Institutional stove piping blocks the community discussion between analysts and Islamic scholars. [4]


4.0:  IT procurement is justified based on a scientifically groundless Artificial Intelligence (AI) mythology, and so that proper funding of new AC-IT is not possible due to the fact that all funding is channeled to DC-IT designs that are demonstrated already to not function within the action-perception cycle that analysts need.  [5] , [6]


So this is an AS-IS model of where the intelligence communities are with respect to the use of instrumented machine processes to measure the subject matter content of social discourse.