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May. 3, 04

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The Rural American Safe Net

(first 26 beads)

A Dynamic Global Glass Bead Game

( Discussion regarding converting the blogs into Orbs)


Notes on the subject-matter indicator = { interpretation, of, information }


Notational paper on subject-matter indicator neighborhoods

Bead game on InOrb technologies


We describe a model of innovation expression as a type of social expression with substructural conceptual elements being aggregated under certain sets of constraints. Scholars have been invited to contribute to this discussion, and join with the BCNGroup in developing educational materials and scholarship supporting innovations in biomass conversation technology, technology for discovering conceptual expression in text, and in the control of complex manufacturing processes using Human-centric Information Production (HIP) and related technologies (Orbs).


The founders of the BCNGroup (a not for profit corporation in Virginia) and the ontologystream have developed a model regarding the emergence of innovation and the constraints on its adoption.


Ontologystream Inc, a for profit corporation in Virginia, is in a unique position to bring a new technology called HIP technology that is informed deeply by social science and the natural sciences. HIP technology supports the development of data measurement and the invariances in data as well as an anticipatory web of information about the meaning of data invariances in context.


Our hope is that the National need for this new capability will offset the entrenchments that characterize part of the constraints that this new bead game on Innovation Adoption has addressed.



Please consider a membership or contribution


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