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Sunday, July 02, 2006


Challenge problem

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There is a practical aspect that connects the development of a tag to the organization of tags into an index (using taxonomy, ontology or topic maps for example) over an evolving information space. Look at the big picture?


Thomas, the points you make are understood, particularly the point about the actual capabilities available now and actual capabilities that are not being widely understood or used.


The deeper limitation "under" the two that I listed is in regards to the nature of induction of symbols. To a degree, a tag is a symbol; would you not agree?


This deeper limitation is core to some of the real true and damaging failures of computational systems that use "tags" or "subject matter indicators" as indicators of complete formal semantics, as in the notions around service oriented architecture and the semantic web.


Would you like a list, or would evidence of failure not be relevant?



SOA and SW are two buzz terms where real advances are being made but not being placed into a practical context where the real limitations on "formal semantics" is easily recognized and discussed. The real advances produce value, but not understanding the limitations creates dis-value. Sometimes the dis-value is extreme and felt most acutely when the IT systems are depended on in time of crisis. Many time the value is appreciated and earned.


Is there a sense of denial (about the importance of recognizing these limitations) in your community, or are we not yet communicating well?



Thomas, your point about tagging being used to refine an information search is important, as you know. The difference in your perception and mine maybe that I feel that tagging should be a part of a measurement process produced by the individual information seeker, and that this measurement process should be complete and un-encumbered by absence of knowledge (skill and orientation) or cost of ownership (Encumbrance).


Are my ideas about this not worthy?