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Monday, February 20, 2006


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On the limits of the OWL standard à [184]

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Summary of the discussion up to this point


1) There MAY be no theoretical reason why Relational Database Management Systems with SQL cannot encode, persist and efficiently serve as an index over massive data regarding details of biochemical science as encoded now, or in the future, in the OWL standard. 


2) The process of discovery and the creation of new information may however, require a human in the loop - because machines are not able to form "induction" that involves a “real time” perception-action cycle as is familiar to any human regarding one's own cognitive and awareness functions. 


3) Invertible mapping may be possible between:  RDBMS  <--> OWL ontology <--> Object Oriented Information Models  <--> n-ary based ontology.


4) It is possible that real limits over the application of reductionism to modeling ecological, social, economic, psychological, biological, chemical and physical energy/mass conversions can be clearly identified.


5) It is possibility that the limits of reductionism can be contextualized and a "second school" established.


[1] http://dip.semanticweb.org/documents/ECIS2005-A-Methodology-for-Deriving-OWL-Ontologies-from-Products-and-Services-Categorization.pdf

[2] http://www.mindswap.org/2005/OWLWorkshop/sub1.pdf

[3] http://bip.cnrs-mrs.fr/bip10/rosen.pdf