Financial Requirements


Capitalization proposal


Monday, October 23, 2006


OntologyStream authorized 100,000 shares of common stock in 2001. Until now, its founder has held all of these shares privately.  20,000 shares are available in the current offering.  The founder will hold the remaining 80,000. 


The investment package we have is not available except to a single qualified investor, with “qualified investor being as defined by Blue Sky Laws.  Generally this type of investor is called an Angel Investor. 


Current Venture Capital rules may not apply to the OntologyStream Inc offer.  In our case, the technology is more extensive and mature than our business development.  Our business model depends on the capture of a significant portion of all “knowledge science”.  To do this we use a technology that maps the IP being disclosed to the patent office. 


The first major project is to field the first of these collaborative environments and to demonstrate unique capabilities in various forms of information production. 




Clients are national projects involving distance learning and economic renewal, and large enterprises desiring increased productivity in knowledge creation and knowledge management.


Total evaluation is                               $4,500,000

Asking price for 20%                              $900,000


Out of this amount, the following budgets are established:


First Knowledge Sharing Core           $532,000

Accounting and legal services          $100,000

Past wages due to employees            $120,000

Reserve                                                  $148,000

   Total Package                      $900,000


Engineering activities


Founder of Ontologystream Inc, Dr. Paul S. Prueitt, will direct all aspects of the design, development and testing of the First Knowledge Sharing Core as a deployed Virtual Network. 


Most research notes on the development of the First Knowledge Sharing Core is public domain.  However, some work will be developed and disclosed as new patents.  Additional patenting activities are sought in special contracting with the federal government.


Approximated additional engineering required to deploy the First Knowledge Sharing Core:


56K         License to InOrb Technologies Inc                                                                  (-)

14K         Differential ontology architecture                                                                     1 months

42K         I-RIB replacement for BerkeleyDB                                                                    3 month

28K         Topic Maps work                                                                                                 2 months

28K         Ontology work (RDF and OWL)                                                                       2 months

42K         TextAnalysis IDE work                                                                                       3 months

42K         Logic over schema work                                                                                     3 months

42K         Integration of Semio tagger  (or equivalent)                                                    3 months

28K         Integration of SAIC’s LSI engine (or equivalent)                                           2 months

42K         Notational System development                                                                       3 months



Testing and training material development


OntologyStream has contracted with fifteen different scholars to assist in the production of comprehensive technology evaluation and curricular development.  The work of these scholars and others will result in the development of distance learning materials on all Core technologies, and books on the methods and principles of the Knowledge Sciences.


Dr. Karl Pribram (Cognitive Neuroscience Georgetown University)

Dr. Raymond Bradley (Social Networks) BCNGroup

Dr. Peter Kugler  (Theory of measurement  University of Connecticut

Dr. John Sowa     (Cognitive Graphs) BCNGroup

Dr. Kent Myers    (Management science) SAIC

Dr. Larry Medsker (Expert Systems) American University

Dr Lev Goldfarb (Measurement theory) (Univ. of New Brunswick)

Dr. Alex Citkin   (situational logics) BCNGroup

Dr. Art Murray  (knowledge management) George Washington Univ

Dr. Brad Cox     (IP technology) (Virtual Schools)

Dr. Daniel Levine (Neural Networks (Univ Texas at Arlington)

Dr. Elias Carayannis (Management Theory) (George Washington Univ)

Dr. Giovanni Marchisio (knowledge systems) (Insightful Inc)

Dr. Mike McDonald (medical science) (Georgetown University)

Dr. Robert Shaw (ecological psychology) University of Connecticut



First Knowledge Sharing Core














First Knowledge Sharing Core

National Projects





Biodefense with Syndromic Surveillance and

Topic Map access to

Medical Research Literatures




Thematic Analysis of Memetic Expression in the

World Wide Web

Deployed to support

Terrorist Information Awareness




Distance Learning and Knowledge Science

support for

Micro-farm based Co-operatives












OntologyStream Inc